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from the mail bag, pt. 2

We got a lot of fun goodies in the mail these past couple of weeks.

The lanterns we’ll be using for centerpieces arrived. They are even better in person than the picture. I am so excited about them. I think they will be so romantic after it starts getting dark. We’ll be adding some silk flower accents once my mom gets into town.

We also got the lanterns that will be hanging in the trees on the mansion grounds.

They have a great leafy vine accent on the glass panels. I think they will be great up in the big magnolias.

We also got in the pants for Andy’s suit (which were apparently back ordered). So he now has his full suit – just need to get him a French cuff shirt and some shoes (if he can ever find some he likes).

Those are all the fun things – we got a couple not so fun things in the mail. Like my cake plate smashed into teensy little pieces. That was a little sad. I had ordered a beautiful Fenton Spanish Lace cake plate, but it didn’t make it in one piece. Luckily I got (most) of my money refunded, so I’m on the hunt for another one. Hopefully we’ll have better luck with that one.

We also got the table linens I bought. Except I received in the mail ones that look nothing like the ones I thought I ordered. The seller used a picture that looked nothing like what she was selling & didn’t bother to tell anyone that in the item’s description. So when I thought I was buying scalloped edged, seamless tablecloths, I actually got non-scalloped & seamed cloths. I was pretty angry about that. I have tried working with the seller, but she seems to be completely ignoring me so I’ve filed a complaint with Ebay asking for a full refund. We’ll see what happens. I’m also still on the look for those, too.

Fortunately these small wedding misfortunes happened with plenty of time to get them fixed. Thank goodness for little favors.



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sneak peek – ceremony.

The UPS man dropped off a  big, beautiful package yesterday. I’ll give you a sneak peek:

I have two of these which will flank the sides of the rear stairs where the ceremony will be performed. They will be joined by some beautiful southern greenery.

You’re beginning to imagine it, aren’t you? Me, too!
Till then, those lanterns are decorating my small porch. And Andy actually said he likes them! I think it’s the first thing about the wedding he’s said he likes. Everything else gets an ‘eh’ or ‘whatever you like’. That kind of made my night.


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from the mail bag, part 1.

I got lots of lovely wedding do-dads in the mail this past week.

This lovely milk-glass 3-tier plate was an eBay purchase. Right now it’s holding some freshly baked cookies, but it was purchased for the reception. I’ll explain more about what we’re going to use these vintage milk glass pieces for a little later. Just thought I’d put it to use until July. Isn’t it pretty?

I also got my wedding ceremony shoes a little while ago. They are just white satin (for now). We are planning on dying them deep purple and adding a little glam with some rhinestone shoe clips.

And my mom sent me a secret little package that contained a personalized wedding planning binder she made me. It includes checklists for each part of the wedding – ceremony, decorations, reception, food, etc. Plus room to add more as we get new ideas. And I love the little files which I’m using to keep important paperwork (like contracts) and receipts from purchases to stay on budget. I don’t have an excuse to be unorganized anymore, I guess.

And this weekend I found these purple suede shoes at Plato’s Closet for $12. I think for the rehearsal dinner? Just got to find a dress to go with em. The best outfits always start with just shoes.


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