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The end stretch…

Wow, we’re getting close now. Only about 17 days until the wedding. My mom arrives on Saturday to begin the final prep. I can’t believe how quickly it’s all come up. But things are really starting to fall into place now. I made the final payment for the ceremony/reception site, cake payment went out last week, flower payment is due on Thursday, and the catering headcount is due the Monday after that!

RSVPs have been rolling in & I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten almost everyone’s. Looks like the final guest count will be around 52. Thanks to everyone who RSVP’d. It’s been a lot of fun opening them up to see who sent theirs back and what music selections they included.

We’ve also been receiving a lot of gifts lately. Thank you to everyone who has already sent something. We are having a lot of fun putting things to use already: new plates, pans, serving bowls, coffee machine, toaster, etc. etc. I’m already running out of room in the kitchen for all these goodies! Formal thank you notes will go out after the wedding.

I also finalized the ceremony wording last week. It’ll be short, but sweet, I think. It feels good to have something that important out of the way, I must admit.

I’ve also made a few last minute purchases for the wedding. I finally got Andy’s ring ordered:

It should be arriving soon. There’s a small delay because it’s handmade.

I also bought Alex and I a few hair accessories for the wedding:

I know how quickly the next few weeks are going to go by, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to update as things progress & we get closer and closer. I can’t wait to see everyone soon!



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After lots of searching on Ebay, at the mall, and anywhere that might possibly carry purple dresses, we finally have a dress for Alex to wear as my one and only bridesmaid! The search for this dress seemed never ending! There was lots of emailing back and forth between my mom, Alex, and I with messages full of links and disagreement on color, style, price, etc. I’m happy to have this under our belt & I’m really happy with the outcome.

Here is the dress we finally all agreed on:

After we found the dress, I came across some Steve Madden flats on sale, so I picked those up as part of Alex’s bridesmaid gift(s). Don’t worry, she knows about them already, so I’m not ruining any surprises.

I also bought these lovely and simple pair of amethyst stud earrings from one of my favorite Etsy sellers: Lost and Fawned. They arrived this week & I love them.

I’m also looking to pick up one of these burned silk flower hair clips for her hair. I’ve been loving these since they first started becoming popular on Etsy. I don’t really have enough hair to wear them myself, so the wedding is becoming my excuse to shop for them. Here’s one of my favorites so far from FlowerThyme on Etsy.

The last thing for Alex will be a necklace. I haven’t decided if I’m buying one or making one myself (or having my mom make one), but I’m glad we’ve got this part of the wedding under control.

Still got some work to do on the groomsman. We’ve been tossing around some ideas to help make things as affordable as possible for Kevin. Once I have more news on that front, you’ll know. (P.S. If you find some nice looking khaki or gray sports coats for a good price, give me a heads up, please.)


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bridal accessories.

I have already tackled the two biggest decisions a bride faces before the big day – the dress and the shoes. Now to tackle the smaller things that make the outfit perfect.

Let’s take on the veil first. Originally I was thinking I wasn’t going to wear a veil, but the more I look into the new trend of birdcage veils, the more I want one. Here are a couple styles of birdcage veils that I’m loving. (Click the picture to see more pictures, etc.)

Right now this wedge veil is my favorite. I love how it is bunched to one side of the head and falls across the face at an angle. I may seriously end up with this one. Just needs a flower or rhinestone hair pin – perfection.

This is a bandeaustyle birdcage veil – attaches on each side of the head with a small comb.

Just a few of the styling possibilities.

Instead of the standard flower fascinator added to one side of the veil, I am thinking of doing a nice rhinestone hair clip. Maybe that is how I will tie in my something blue. Got to get looking for those.

So I need to pick a veil, but I’m also looking for a nice necklace for the wedding day. Since purple is going to be one of my wedding colors, I’m looking into sterling silver with amethyst. Here are a couple goodies I’ve found on Etsy.

Just like this one – lots of bling, but not overwhelming.

This one is a little hokey, I guess. But I still like it. I could see myself wearing this one after the wedding.

This one has my wedding colors – perfectly! So pretty. A little more than I want to spend, but …

And this one I just like how it hangs and the shade of purple.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear what others think before I make any real decisions. What bridal accessories did you wear?


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