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Enjoying Wilmington

Andy & I haven’t been doing too many wedding related things lately. I think we’ve kind of hit that middle area where most of the stuff is taken care of & planned but it isn’t time to rush about getting it all put together yet. I’ve even bought most of the greenery that will flank the stairs where the ceremony will be performed (and my porch looks like a tropical jungle!).

And now it’s spring time in Wilmington – which brings with it blooming azaelas, lazy days at the beach (not in the water yet, brrr!), and my blue car turning yellow from all the pollen covering it.

Here are some pictures of Andy & I enjoying the lovely weather we’ve been having lately.

Fern curls unraveling at the wildflower preserve on campus.

Venus flytraps – out in the wild! Apparently this part of the country is the only place where they grow naturally.

Our pollen covered shoes after taking our little hike. Imagine your whole car looking like this!

Andy trying to find a shark tooth at the beach. No success yet.

Me enjoying the beach. I put my feet in the water & they turned into icicles. It’s still 50 something degrees.

Gorgeous blooming tree at Andy’s lab. No idea what it is, but I want one. It even smells fantastic.

Some lovely marsh birds enjoying the weather also.


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