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prep in motion.

Just 8 days left until the wedding!!!

My mom arrived in town on Saturday. Sunday we spent downtown celebrating the 4th. We took Rufus along with us, and he did not appreciate the fireworks. Poor little guy. But he survived.

Since then we’ve been doing some final shopping for wedding supplies, finalizing details with the vendors, and of course playing with Rufus.

This morning Andy and I went to the Register of Deeds and got our marriage license. So now all the paperwork is ready for the wedding – just need those final signatures on the day. We also walked around Bellamy for a little bit so my mom could see the venue and we could get the layout of tables, buffet, cake, etc. worked out for the big day.

Afterward we got to work assembling the centerpieces so we would be ready to go for next Thursday and just need to be placed on the table.

Rufus helped us out a bit by chewing on cardboard pieces that came in the lantern’s box:

While my mom and I had a small assembly line of assembling the hanging lanterns & getting the flowers tied on.

We also were able to finish printing out the labels for the candy buffet on what were supposed to be place cards that match my invitation set. So all in all it was a pretty productive day!

Now if the weather forecast would just go from 60% of rain to 0%, I’d be happy. I might even settle for 30%.


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and so it starts.

Well, we’re engaged.
Andy and I were engaged on Thursday, January 14th. And now the chaos of wedding planning is beginning.

I was originally planning on having the wedding a year from this summer, but with the possibility of me being in school next year and all the work getting done now anyway, why not just get married now. So the plan is get married this summer here in Wilmington, NC.

It isn’t official yet, but we’re shooting for July 15th. It’s only significance is that it works for almost everyone for both families. I’ve always kind of wanted to be a fall bride, but we don’t always get what we want. So summer it is.
Today I meet with the event coordinator for the Bellamy Mansion to hopefully secure the date and reserve the mansion for the ceremony and reception site. Once I have the date and venue set, I can start working with the caterers, florists, etc. to get everything scheduled. And I’ve got to get those Save the Dates sent out (but more on those later).

Wish me luck!


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