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you are formally invited…

A big package of wedding goodies arrived on my doorstop today from my mom. And included inside was my first “in-person” glimpse of the wedding invites! I had seen pictures & planned them through email, but I had never seen them for myself until today. And I love them!

These were a very lucky Michael’s clearance find that we just happened to stumble across back at the beginning of the year. I knew I didn’t want something really fancy or formal because that wasn’t going to be the tone of our wedding, so why should it be the tone of the invite?

I think these invites set just the right mood for the wedding – fun, playful, summery, and not over the top. I gotta give a big thanks to my mom for all the work she did on these including getting them mailed out for me. THANK YOU, MOM!!!

Now comes the stalking of the mailbox for RSVP cards. Thankfully, my mom included an RSVP card organizer in the package with the invites. (So return your RSVPs!!!!)

P.S. Holy cow! The wedding is less than two months away.


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saving the date.

I have not really been a fan of the save the date card. I get that you want people to know you have an important event coming up, but wouldn’t an email work? or a phone call? It just seems like extra hassle, extra time, and extra money. I always said I would never send out “those stupid save the dates.”

Well …. I’m sending one out. It just made sense with planning a wedding so quickly to let everyone know this is when the wedding is going to be (and where). Be there … or just send me a present. It all works.

I’m not going the traditional route, however. First off, Andy and I are not getting engagement photos. I don’t have the patience to find a photographer, talk Andy into doing this, and then standing out in January wearing some cute summer dress and pretending I’m warm for a beachy photo. It just wasn’t going to happen. But I knew I needed something that looked nice and got the job done.

I started by looking at some ideas of save the date cards and tried out some free templates I found online. None of them were really what I was looking for, so I just decided to start from scratch and design my own very simple cards. I bought bulk invitation sized envelopes at Office Max, used the measurement of the envelope to set up a new template, picked a somewhat decent picture of Andy and I (though Andy hates it, of course) and got to work.

I designed the whole thing in a Photoshop-like program for Macs called Pixelmator . It was fairly simple, since I had previous knowledge of using Photoshop. The same thing could probably also be done in something like Word or Powerpoint once you figure out what you’d like your design to be. All my design took was some free fonts, playing around with colors, and getting everything sized properly to print on standard cardstock (got it on sale at Micheal’s). I wanted a clean, simple, and kind of silly card.

After I get them all printed out and cut down to size (using a fun little paper cutter I also got on sale at Micheal’s), all I have to do is place them in the envelopes, address, and send.  I also bought a pack of return address labels to I save my hands from too much cramping (you do what you can).

So, overall cost of my simple save the date cards:

  • card stock at Michael’s 2 for $5
  • paper cutter at Michael’s for $10
  • envelopes at Office Max for $11
  • return address labels (which can also be used for invitations later on) $10
  • total = $36 and a few hours of work.

Let’s hope the printer cartridge holds up.

Update: color ink ran out after only 3 pages were printed. I jinxed it. Getting some more today.

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