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prep in motion.

Just 8 days left until the wedding!!!

My mom arrived in town on Saturday. Sunday we spent downtown celebrating the 4th. We took Rufus along with us, and he did not appreciate the fireworks. Poor little guy. But he survived.

Since then we’ve been doing some final shopping for wedding supplies, finalizing details with the vendors, and of course playing with Rufus.

This morning Andy and I went to the Register of Deeds and got our marriage license. So now all the paperwork is ready for the wedding – just need those final signatures on the day. We also walked around Bellamy for a little bit so my mom could see the venue and we could get the layout of tables, buffet, cake, etc. worked out for the big day.

Afterward we got to work assembling the centerpieces so we would be ready to go for next Thursday and just need to be placed on the table.

Rufus helped us out a bit by chewing on cardboard pieces that came in the lantern’s box:

While my mom and I had a small assembly line of assembling the hanging lanterns & getting the flowers tied on.

We also were able to finish printing out the labels for the candy buffet on what were supposed to be place cards that match my invitation set. So all in all it was a pretty productive day!

Now if the weather forecast would just go from 60% of rain to 0%, I’d be happy. I might even settle for 30%.


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you are formally invited…

A big package of wedding goodies arrived on my doorstop today from my mom. And included inside was my first “in-person” glimpse of the wedding invites! I had seen pictures & planned them through email, but I had never seen them for myself until today. And I love them!

These were a very lucky Michael’s clearance find that we just happened to stumble across back at the beginning of the year. I knew I didn’t want something really fancy or formal because that wasn’t going to be the tone of our wedding, so why should it be the tone of the invite?

I think these invites set just the right mood for the wedding – fun, playful, summery, and not over the top. I gotta give a big thanks to my mom for all the work she did on these including getting them mailed out for me. THANK YOU, MOM!!!

Now comes the stalking of the mailbox for RSVP cards. Thankfully, my mom included an RSVP card organizer in the package with the invites. (So return your RSVPs!!!!)

P.S. Holy cow! The wedding is less than two months away.

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wish us a wish.

One of my ideas for the wedding was to have a wish tree instead of a guest book. Guests would write their wishes & advice for us as newly weds on little tags which they would then hang from the “tree.” After the wedding I can take all the paper slips and create an album out of them as a keepsake.

I was lucky enough to find some beautifully branchy sticks outside my apartment after they cut down a large tree nearby. Some of them need a little cleaning up, but you can’t beat free!

Last night I got to work making the hanging tags that everyone will write their messages on. I simply used some cardstock left over from making the save the date cards and cut them into 4″x4″ squares leaving plenty of room to fit a nice sized message. I then personalized the back of the tags by stamping them with a flower & butterfly stamp in lilac purple ink and hand writing our names & wedding date. Here’s some pictures of a little “mock-up” of how the tree will look once all the tags are hanging from it. Please ignore the craziness that is my dining room table right now – it’s become my wedding planning desk.

The tags hang using dark purple and green ribbons. Here’s a close up of the back detailing of the tags:

The ink came out a little more pink that I had thought it would, but purple ink seems to be a hard thing to find at my local craft shops. This light purple was theĀ  closest I could get.

I’m really liking how it is looking so far. We’ll be adding a little more decoration to the tree with lamp crystals and maybe some butterflies. The vase will also be filled with silver glass pebbles to hold the branches into place and make it look a little neater. Should be a lovely addition to the decor on the wedding day & a lot more fun than a plan ol’ guest book.


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